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Meditation Part 2 – Joseph Grubb

Feb 17, 2023

The process of meditation can help heal you on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.   I believe that it takes time for meditation to work. You may even ask yourself, “Is this working?” Or “I don’t feel anything right now.” These are common thoughts that one may have when first beginning on how to meditate. In my opinion the absence of something can be a form of the process within itself.

There are times throughout your day that you may reflect on a specific moment when you were once meditating. One example could be getting ready for work in the morning.  The actions feel like they are automatic, but your mind feels clear as a crystal. Another example could be driving down road and having that memory from the meditation you had the night before.

A previous idea I stumbled upon was that meditation is medication. It’s about timing and the dosage that you are able to administer to yourself. I feel like there is a level of belief of something greater because you are putting in time and energy into the process. There can be times where you miss one, but eventually you will come back to it.

I feel like the science of meditation isn’t fully understood and during the times of human existence it probably never will be. Though modern science has concluded that it does help with different issues humans may face. These may help our mental states, physical wellbeing, overcoming past traumas, and building new neuropathways in the brain. It can feel like we are adding something to ourselves while also taking something away.

It’s a great gift when you are able to share meditation with a group of people. You are sharing a moment in time with other people, also a level of healing, and helping them on their journey in life. I always think about the narrator speaking during this time and guiding us through the group meditation.  Each group session is different and there are always new faces to be seen.  This element adds to the excitement and anticipation of the next time we meet.

There are different time intervals one could mediate in. It could vary from a few minutes up to many hours. There are exceptions, of course, to the time one could choose to meditate. I usually find that between 10 minutes to 1 hour works best for me. It depends on how one is feeling and how much time they have. There can also be different times of day when one can meditate. The energy can feel different between morning, midday, and the evening.

I believe that healing is a gradual process that takes time. It is an artform that can be learned and taught. In simple terms, healing is the realization that we have something to work on, and there is something that we can repair. It’s a constant math problem as we are either adding or subtracting energy to our life. Meditation can be a strong focus on this energy or even the absence of it.

A common question that can help on your meditation journey is, “What should I work on?” Another question could be, “What do I want to improve in my life?”  We then think about how we can began to work on ourselves and also create points to build upon. There is a moment that you may reach when you start to see and feel your individual progress. The progress is a great way to reflect on the steps you have taken and also gives you the motivation to keep going.

Healing is truly a cleansing process, and it reminds me of filtering murky water and making it cleaner as time goes on. Simply speaking, there are three types of healing:  the mental, physical, and spiritual. They are also connected to one another and they all some take time to work on. The process of meditation can assist in healing on all of the different types. Meditation is like investing in a stock and overtime it will pay dividends when you least expect it.

Something that I find intriguing is how meditation will start to work in my daily life, like when I am making dinner or even driving down the road. It creates a level of internal comfort and I become aware of the present moment in time. These are the moments when you know that it’s working for you. I find it important to incorporate the art of it in my daily life, and not only when I am focusing on meditation.

A combination of one’s energy and focus is a simple way to understand the process of meditation. I know that I am putting work into something, and it will eventually yield results. The healing begins when we realize that there is something we have to work on. The point of realization is only the beginning, it is like the root of the tree.  Overtime we will work on ourselves from the ground up and attempt to heal the various parts within. We also will reach another level of healing when we are able to share our personal experiences with other people.

The process of healing begins when you have a belief in something. It can be something inside of yourself or even something on the outside. The beginning of healing begins with the seed of faith. It’s similar to that feeling I get when I know that there is something greater than my own existence. Meditation can help you catch your breath during challenging moments. It can help reorganize your thought process, slow them down, or even speed them up.

The first aspect when I think about healing is knowing that I’m working on something. I also like to think about this as repairing something or working on previous scenarios that have occurred. The second aspect I like to look at is creating a point of endless possibilities or when the void becomes infinite. I believe from this point we can dig a little bit deeper and find solutions within ourselves.

Written by:

Joseph Grubb

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