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Loving Draper a Latte’

Oct 29, 2021

The Draper Village is a magical place. My favorite part of the day is interacting with my fabulous coworkers and our quirky customers. It makes the stress of daily server life worth every penny.

Before I became a server in The Village, I worked in retail. I was a cashier that hated her daily life, losing motivation and passion. And then I saw the ad that the coffee shop needed a barista. I went in for an interview and got the job that same day. What can I say, Candi and Debbie have a good sense for character? No, I am only kidding — they were the ones that took a chance on me, despite having little to none experience in a restaurant. I am so grateful for them.

Ever since working at Draper Mercantile, I have realized I have a renewed passion for people. Of all the people in Virginia, the residents and visitors of Draper are the most interesting. From locals, to travelers, to workers in The Village, we have all varieties of people and stories.

My coworkers have become my best friends. In a time where I needed a good support system, I was thankful enough to find them. The friendships I have made thus far while working in The Village will last a lifetime. I feel like I have met my soulmates in these girls. There is nothing we would not do for each other, and it really is beautiful. Beautiful how women support women, how we lift each other up, how perfectly we mesh. Even after I leave The Draper Village to pursue my passions, I will still love this place. I will still consider Draper a second home. I will continue grow in life with my fellow ladies here.

And, above all, I will always be grateful to this place, as it helped bring out a part of me that I thought was lost.

Written By:

Maddie Muse

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