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From One to Many – Joseph Grubb

Feb 3, 2023

Each morning I slowly make the transition from darkness to light. I slowly open my eyes and see my room come alive. I know that I am in the right place because of my recollection and train of thought. I see the rays of light shine through the blinds of the window. I begin to think about a time when I was seeking something deeper than I knew before.

There was a time when I chose to make a change and to better myself. I made a choice to improve on all aspects of my life. I wanted to create a balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. I remembered reading about meditation and how it could be beneficial to oneself. At the time I didn’t realize how it was going to change my whole perception on life.

The first few times it felt like riding a bicycle. I had to balance myself while also keeping myself on the pedals. I didn’t know what I was getting into at the time. I slowly became aware of my breathing with my eyes closed and became very in tune with my heart beating. I began to become aware of my body, and of certain points from head to toe. The process took me a few times to feel the mediation working.

In my opinion, there are three points that you go through during meditation. The first is how you go into meditation. I call it the beginning, or the exposition. The second part is where you reach that point of comfort. It’s like being halfway asleep and halfway awake. It’s a sweet spot that you can feel all over your body. The third part is when you are coming out of meditation. I have a sense of well-being and I feel peaceful. After meditation I feel a strong connection to the universal vibration. I’ve learned that meditation plays a role throughout my day, not only when I am meditating. Every session is different, like soft stones you can see in a stream.

I started individual meditation about 10 years ago. Then I saw ads for group meditation. Little did I know that this was a whole new level of being involved with meditation. In some of my first group meditations I was fortunate to work with Dr. Kimberly Lewis. Who knew I would be able to meet some wonderful mentors in Draper, VA. The approach is different in group meditation. There is something soothing about it being narrated as you are walked through the process. There is a strong connection with the people participating in the group. I recall the different music that is played during each session, presenting a unique story with the images that are created in my head. There is no room in the universe like the room at the Healing Arts Center, with the arrangement of the leather chairs and sofa, and the overall layout of the room.

Now I am part of the sessions provided by Mr. Brian Gardner. Each teacher and mentor has something unique and special to offer those who are willing to learn.

Here is what the experience is like:  I pull up on the small gravel road of Merc Farms and see horse grazing in a field behind the Healing Arts building. Meditation begins at 5 pm, and I try to arrive early so I can slowly begin the process. As I walk through the doors on the left side of the building and down the narrow hallway, I pick up the fragrance of Eastern incense, and it pulls me forward like a magnetic force. There are tea kettles boiling and I know it’s time for a warm, soothing cup. There is a great selection of teas available, which is always amazing to me (one of my favorites is ginger turmeric, and I like to add a few tablespoons of honey for sweetness and health benefits). The warm cup of tea is a great way to transition into the session.

I slowly sit down and say a small greeting to break the ice…and so our journey begins. When being guided through the meditation a story is being told and connection is being created. It’s like the image that is created when I see my reflection in a lake.

Now, like where I began, as a new dawn rises each day I look forward to every sunrise and sunset.

Written by:

Joseph Grubb

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